Vitamin Sea

“I believe in the ocean curing all moods. I believe in the waves wiping away worries. I believe in seashells bringing good luck. I believe in toes in the sand grounding my soul.” {Author Unknown}

So Lowell and I have been traveling a lot lately. I thought today I would share the places we have been and what we have been doing. I am a lover of taking nature photos, so there will be many photos.

Last Year, for our first anniversary, Lowell and I went to Pittsburgh, PA. While there we attended a Shania Twain concert. When we first walked in the doors, someone stopped us and asked if we wanted to sign up to win different prizes. thinking that we would never win anything, we did and went in our way. We were beyond excited to be going to see Shania Twain, so we didn’t care what else was happening.


Shania Twain

Anyone that knows my husband knows that he has a strong love for Shania Twain. SO this was an amazing experience to with him. We had an amazing time, singing and screaming and going deaf with a couple thousand other people. We had an awesome time in Pittsburgh and went on our way. About a month after the concert, we got a call saying that we won a trip to Jamaica, Cancun, or San Juan. We just had to go up to Harrisburg and listen to a guy talk and we could still go on the trip without any deal or whatever. We went and listen and had a year to schedule a trip. We decided on Jamaica and wanted to go in the Winter when it was cold and snowy. Well, with our schedule and finances and all that, we kept pushing it back. We knew we had to take the trip by July. We ended up going in May for Four days, three nights. We had an amazing time.

Jamaica is a small island in the Caribbean, ruled by the British Empire. It is a beautiful place to see. We flew into and stayed in Montego Bay. We stayed at a beautiful resort.


Iberostar Beach Resort 

We were definitely were tourists. We were at the airport and a Jamaican who worked there asked us where we were heading. Lowell said “The I-ber-o-star Resort.” The guy started laughing. “The I-beer-ro-star.”  Yes, we had started our trip saying our Resort name wrong. I had to keep correcting Lowell. Down in Jamaica, People are not rich. They don’t have great. awesome luxuries. But they have a great God and what they need to get by. The man who took us to our Resort was one of the kindest people I ever met. We volunteered to pick us up when we left to go back home. He was at the resort 20 minutes earlier than he told us he would be. He listened to Gospel music the entire time. Everyone was so kind. Everyone smiled and helpful and happy.

Being in Jamaica taught me that we don’t need a lot to be happy. Down there, they have simple houses and most probably don’t have AC. Jamaica is HOT! We landed and the flight attendants asked us to open our AC vents as much as possible and shut window blinds to keep it cool. There was no AC in customs or immigration; just fans. It was something this girl was not used to. But the Jamaicans walked around in long sleeves and pants and act like it is nothing. It was so inspiring to see these people. Always so nice and kind. They have just enough to keep them going and that’s all they need.

We have so much here in the United States and we take it for granted. We don’t realized how lucky we are until we go to a place like Jamaica and see how they live. It makes you think twice before complaining about something simple.


Tuesday morning Sunrise


Beautiful clear Water


Monday Evening Sunset 


We took a GoPro, which is water-proof and I found this Starfish; this was taken on the GoPro.

We went to Jamaica in May. Since then, We have went to Indiana. We were in Indiana for NC GB Annual Conference for the weekend. I had a good time catching up with old and new friends. I love to travel and see people.


Excuse the quality, Our sweet travel buddies the past 2 Annual Meetings!

We also went to Washington D.C. for a quick second anniversary trip. We left Saturday around noon and stayed in Arlington. We got on the wrong train. We were super confident we were on the right-way train. We get to the first stop and realize that we were going the wrong way. We got off and waited for the next train. We met some cool people and had a good time laughing about getting lost. We went to the National Zoo. If you want to go to the National Zoo, go in the winter on a weekday. It was crazy packed and hot! Monday, we met Lowell’s uncle, parents and some of his sisters at Arlington National Cemetery. We went to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and watched The Changing of The Guard. We went to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing and to the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. When you live so close to D.C., you only want to go every so often.

About a month ago, we were putting the finishing touches  The Garber Family Day and we had to get a disk for over the fire for supper from my grandparents. While we were there, they asked if we wanted to come to Florida to help them move stuff out of their house they just sold. Lowell was serious about it and I told him if he could get off work, we would go. He did and so Last Sunday we flew out of Hagerstown to St. Pete- Clearwater.

We spent Monday, Tuesday and part of Wednesday down on the North part of Pine Island called Bokeelia. My grandparents new house is in Bokeelia. We went down to the pier a couple of times, taking some beautiful sunset pictures. We went fishing Monday and Tuesday. It used to take 2 hours to leave the house and go to the place where we get our boat in the water from their old house. From the Bokeelia house, it takes 10 minutes. Monday, we didn’t catch any fish, but a dolphin came right up to our boat and we were feeding it shrimp and squid. So cool! Tuesday, we went out fishing earl. We caught about 25 ish fish and saw a lot of dolphins and devil rays. Lowell learned how to clean fish and cut them up and all that fun stuff.


The shells we found in Bokeelia/Cayo Costa. Cayo Costa is an uninhabited island off of Bokeelia. The shore is line with shells and parts of shells. LOTS of turtle nests too!

We left Bokeelia Wednesday and headed towards Lakeland. Lakeland is where the house they just sold is. We relaxed Wednesday evening and Thursday morning we got breakfast and a U Haul to take back to the house. We moved stuff from the house to the truck, taking breaks every couple hours. We worked until about 4:30-5ish. We went out to supper and then Lowell and I went swimming at Grandpa and Grandma’s neighbor’s house. We had a little to load Friday morning and Lowell and I pulled out of their driveway in the U Haul around 10:30. We traveled and traveled and hit lots of traffic and saw fun things and places. We got to Charlotte around 9:30. We stayed with Lowell’s old boss who moved down there a while back. We went out for breakfast Saturday Morning and left their house around 10. We hit more traffic and finally got home around 6 Saturday Evening. We went to Mom and Dad’s and saw everyone and hung out.


Lowell (the baby whisperer) didn’t loose his touch while away. Sweet Damaris and Uncle Lowell sleeping.

“Traveling; it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

We have a God who allows us to travel. To go to new places and see the world. To share the love He has given to us. We are blessed.

Traveling is so fun; it really is. BUT coming home is so much more fun! You bed is NEVER more comfortable than when you have been gone for a week!

I hope one day all these adventures will inspire stories. For those who don’t know, my goal is to write a book. Writing is my passion. I am not the best, but I am not the worst. And you only get better the more you write. I am hoping that this blog helps me with my goal.

I love that I can go on adventures with my husband. I love that we can do fun things like these trips together. I love that we are spontaneous and have day dates. I strongly encourage my married friends to continue to have dates and and take small, spontaneous trips.

SO, take trips. Go places. Share God’s love with everyone you meet. Take adventures. Have fun. Do what makes you happy. Explore the world. Meet new people. Just Go.


F. Scott Fitzgerald said, “It’s a funny thing coming home. Nothing changes. Everything looks the same, feels the same, even smells the same. You realize what’s change it you.” Let traveling change you. Let traveling bless you.


songs as always..

I know I posted this last week, but I LOVE this song.


This song was shown to me by my Brother-in-love (As my mama calls it). He thought it was my anthem. I agreed.

Happy Monday, lovelies!


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