Blessings in Disguise..

It has been 26 days since my last post.

26 days, SERIOUSLY! That is crazy and I am annoyed at myself for it being that long! But that is life, and recently, that has been my life. Just busy, busy busy! One thing to do after another.

I started this post Thursday and didn’t get it finished and since then, I have changed how I am going to tackled this post! Today, I want to talk about my crazy, busy life and what we have been doing recently and how I am finding time to be with God through it all.

It is so easy to get so busy that we don’t set aside time to be with God. We get so far into what we are doing that we forget that we can’t do any of it without God.

Autumn is here! I have been waiting and waiting for Fall to arrive because it is definitely my favorite season! The chill in the air means you get to be cozy and sweaters and sweatshirts. You also get to sit by camp fires and drink hot chocolate! Apple cider is back and better than ever. Fresh apples are for sale, as well as pumpkins and mums. It was the day before the first official day of Fall when I bought my first mum this year! Most of all, the leaves are changing and falling. One of the most beautiful times of the year is when the leaves change and fall.


“Fall is the time when every thing bursts with its last beauty as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.”

I know some people don’t like it because the have to rake leaves and that is annoying. It is very annoying… but we cut down a bunch of trees and therefore cut down the amount of leaves that have to be raked. Even though it is annoying and takes a long time to do, it is a blessing.

I have a question for everyone! How can anyone look around at all the beauty that Fall provides and still think that God is not there? That He doesn’t care or that He isn’t even real? Because when I look around at the leaves changing, I see God. I see God in every falling leaf. God showing me that He is here all around me, with blessings falling like each leaf.

I often think of the quote, “The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let the dead things go.” We had Renewal Meetings last weekend at church. Andy Hayner and his family came from Wisconsin and spent Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday morning with us. He talked about dying of our old self and that is what I think of when I see that quote. How lovely is it when we die of our old self and live in our new self with the Holy Spirit in us. When we find Jesus Christ and accept Him to live in us, we die to the old us. We let go of all the things that hold us back from having an amazing and beautiful relationship, and do just that. We have a beautiful relationship with God.

Andy is a firm believer in divine healing. I did not know this going into the weekend. Saturday night, we practiced laying hands on others, healing in Jesus names. Now, I am not saying I don’t believe that this works, because we saw people get healed that night. A man at church this week shared that he went into last week with an open mind, but didn’t know what to think. He has had ankle pain for the past 5 years and wore an ankle brace for 5 years as well. He had someone pray over it last week when Andy was instructing us to do so and the first time, he didn’t feel any different. They prayed over them again and again, nothing. The third time, his ankle felt a little different. This is the first week in 5 years that he has not wore his ankle brace.

Jesus healed his ankle. Jesus used the man at church to work through. It is Jesus working through us. It is not just us that heals people; just us cannot do anything. With Jesus, we can do anything. It is just amazing things like that that show how Jesus affects our lives.

God created everything. God created rabbits and the reproduce rabbits in their image. (Go with me… this is still part of Andy’s teachings). God created Adam in His image. So, Adam reproduced in his image, which was also God’s image. God made us in His image so we can show what He is like. Our mind was created to to bear His mind.So, when we are living and working through Jesus, He is in us and using us as His disciples.

In John 13:36, Jesus says, “When I am going you cannot follow Me now, but you shall follow me afterward.” After He left, He sent the Holy Spirit to live in us. He sent the Holy Spirit to each of us so that He could sit at the right hand of the Father and help us from Heaven. Andy said, “Jesus didn’t leave; He just changed locations.” He went there so He could help everyone. Being in one place was limiting Him. Jesus went to Heaven so that we could follow Him there afterward. How blessed are we?

So that was last weekend… oh yeah, I forgot something. Friday, October 7, we had a memorial service. My friend’s pappy died Sunday, October 2. He had had a massive stroke July 6th. We met Brett’s pappy a couple of years ago at a tractor pull. He was 80 years old when He died. However, that did not stop him from being one of the most active people I know. He was always helping with tractor pulls and different clubs and meetings all over town. He was one of the kindest people I know; a trait he passed on to Brett, his grandson. He passed down a love for tractors and farming. He was a farmer and a teacher, a friend, a grandpa, a husband, a father and mentor. So many people looked up to him and learned from him. He was kind to everyone he knew and everyone he did not know. Most importantly, he was in love with God. He was a wonderful man that lived his life for God. I posted below “The Farmer’s Creed” which was read by one of his grandson’s.


I have only known pappy (no, he is not my actual pappy, but he will always be pappy to me) for a couple of years. Any moment and time spent with him was a blessing. He was always kind. He cared for Lowell and I like we were his own grand kids. He brought cookies and drinks to the tractor pulls, asking us often if we needed a drink. He always had cookies he wife made and would offer anything he had to us. He was so sweet and will leave a hole in the next Tractor pull we attend!

At the service, the Pastor read a story about the past couple months that one of pappy’s daughters wrote. She kept repeating “The goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” That stuck with me. She was talking about the past couple months after pappy’s stroke and how through it all, they found “the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.”

Recently, we have a lot going on with family and friends. It has been frustrating and stressful for me mostly. Since the renewal meetings, Lowell has been trying to stay positive and not worry about the small things. That is harder for me. I get easily frustrated and easily hurt. Anyway, I have been taking to saying “blessings on blessings” when something is not going right. It reminds me of the things that I am blessed with and not the things that are weighing me down.

Last night, we were on the way home from my mom and dad’s house and he asked me what we were doing this weekend and what I wanted for my birthday. My birthday is Monday and we were trying to decide if we were going to do something Saturday. I looked over at him and told him he had already got me my birthday present. “You got me a door and dishwasher and a Peyton Manning Indianapolis Colts jersey (we are going to a Colts vs. Steelers game next month). I don’t need much more than that. I am very blessed.”

Now, if you know me, I LOVE birthdays. I love my birthday! I love getting and giving gifts. Birthdays are very special to me and I love them. So me saying this is kinda a big thing! We are planning on doing something or going somewhere that day, so I will get a little something that day.

But it is so true. I am very blessed. I have a husband who loves me unconditionally. I have a family who supports me in everything I do. I have a job (thirty-one) that I love and helps me continually grow in my relationship with God. I have friends who stand by my side even when they are thousands of miles away or right down the road. I have a GOD who loves, supports, encourages, and guides me through all of life’s trials.

I honestly feel like we need to start looking at our lives and seeing the blessings on blessings… not the negative and depressing parts! I feel like far too often people see all of the bad things in life and not the blessings that God is showing them if they allow themselves to see it.

“The goodness of the Lord in the Land of the living.”

So this past week, my sweet niece turned 5. It has been 5 years since a sweet little girl changed my life. She has been a joy to be with and i am blessed every day to be her aunt, as well as her brother and two sweet cousins. Her birthday was Thursday and they came out from Indiana that day. We were down there Thursday night, as well as Friday night, and Saturday night and all day Sunday. Sophie’s party was Saturday night. I was down there at mom’s all weekend, helping and playing.

Spending time with my family is one of my favorite things to do. Family is one of the best things God gives you. Don’t take it for granted. I am blessed every single day by my family, near or far. My little brother is 2600 miles away ad still amazes me and blesses me all the time! (For those of you who have not been reading his blog, you should)


Yes, this is a typical family photo… 

We have a lot of drama going on with Lowell’s family and there is no need for details, only prayers. We are always looking for prayers. Anyway, somehow Pastor Jeremy, our Pastor at Pond Bank, knew just what to say yesterday. He talked out of John 14 where Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” Jesus’ words give me comfort. Jeremy talked about the goodness of God and that we should never doubt God’s goodness. In the midst of the storm, God remains in control. We should not doubt that even if everything around seems to be falling down to pieces, God will not fail us if we put our trust and hope in Him. NEVER DOUBT GOD’S GOODNESS. We are not going to focus on the difficulties; we are going to focus on Jesus.

It was funny, because my little brother talked about having child-like faith in his blog last night and that is something Jeremy mentioned. He said that if we believe and are on the right path with Jesus, it pulls on the heart of the Father. When God’s people believe in their Father, He cannot refuse it. He talked about his son who saw this red bike and he believed so badly that His daddy was going to get him that bike.. He could hardly refuse it! It is the same thing with God. We need to keep believing that God will answer prayers and he will. The enemy will begin to devour us as soon as we stop believing. SO JUST KEEP BELIEVING!

Life can be busy. That is true for everyone I know. I just keep hoping life will slow down, but I feel like that will never happen. But if you have faith and trust God will take care of you, He seems to make life easier.

Spend time outside. Especially right now. It is beautiful. Take time to sit in nature and be surrounded by the falling blessings from God, other wise known as leaves. Choose to see the beauty! Choose to be happy! Choose to count your blessings! It could change your life… It could change someone else’s life!

“In the eye of the storm, YOU remain in control!” Praise Jesus!

“I’ll praise YOU in this storm!”

“I wanna believe there’s beauty here..”


In loving memory of Gerald Reichard aka Pappy… 1138821882


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